Is your computer slower than it used to be? We’ll make it faster than new.

Our Geeks will diagnose the cause, and offer the best fix possible. We provide honest services at fair prices with no hidden fees. Find out why our Geeks are Brisbane’s best. We’ve served customers from the Gold Coast, Redcliffe, Redland Bay and Ipswich. Our Mobile Geeks will be there.

You hit the button and nothing happens? We’ve been there, and we’ve fixed it.
Our Geeks have you covered. We’ll get your computer back up and running where possible, and we can save your data if you need a new computer. We will come to you anywhere you are in Greater Brisbane. Getting you back online is our number 1 priority.

Compromised devices need to be fixed, fast.

Our Geeks will remove all traces, and help you secure your system, and other devices. We can set you up with a new Anti-Virus and give you some tips & tricks so it never happens again. We know how important it is to be secure in a world full of cyber threats. Trust the expert Geeks to secure your devices.

Computer, phone, tablet, smart TV, Sound bar, Chromecast, Apple TV, MacBook or iMac setup.

You name it, if it plugs in, our Geeks want to help you set it up and teach you to use it. We will come to you in Brisbane, South, North, Gold Coast, Redcliffe, Redlands or Ipswich. Contact us to get up and running today!

From budget to professional machines or max FPS gaming rigs, we’ll build to suit you

We will work with you to select the best value for money hardware, to suit whatever application you require. Wherever you are in South East Queensland, we have your back. Just call us to find out more.

Are you frustrated with slow Internet or weak WIFI? We’ll get your Internet blazing fast!

A geek will fix your Internet, or local network at home or at work. Whether you’re in Logan, Brisbane  Moreton Bay, Ipswich, or Redlands, we’ll have a mobile geek sent to you. We’re a simple call away.

Six reasons you'll love Simple PC Repairs

When your tech acts up, it can mess with your whole day, whether it’s your phone, laptop, or Wi-Fi. But don’t worry, Simple PC Repairs is here to help. We’re available every day, and we’ll fix your personal or work tech problems on the same day.

Ever had a chat with a tech whiz and felt lost in a sea of jargon? Well, that won’t happen with our Geeks. If you’re dealing with a pesky tech issue, our expert team can break it down for you in plain language, so you’ll be in the know for future fixes.

Certain tech problems call for an on-the-spot hero, while others can be sorted out with a simple phone call. Wherever your Geek may be, they’ll give their all to tackle those unruly devices. This flexibility ensures that no matter where you are or what’s happening, a Geek will be there to lend a hand.

Our Geeks are passionate about tech and they’re always eager to help with any tech trouble you’re facing. Frequently, our customers have multiple tech woes that need addressing. The good news is, our Geeks are well-versed in various devices, so when you book an hour of our service, you can tackle all your tech issues at once. Whether it’s fixing, safeguarding, setting up, backing up, or troubleshooting, there are a plethora of gadgets we can assist you with. Give us a call today to learn more!

Your devices hold valuable information, making it crucial to turn to someone you can trust when things go wrong. Rest easy knowing that every Geek undergoes a thorough screening process to ensure their integrity. They can even provide you with tips and tricks to enhance the security of your data, so it’s safer than ever.

Our Geeks take immense pride in their work and the top-notch customer service they provide. This commitment to excellence is the reason our customers continue to choose us as their first call for tech assistance.

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